Living outside of DC, I am lucky enough to attend a variety of conferences, panels, lectures, and a bevy of other events. So imagine how tickled I was when I found out about the conference: Momentum, ( ) its tag line being: Making waves in sexuality, Feminism, and relationships’ There are oodles of great workshops and not all of them are ‘explicitly feminist’ in title, but by reading through the list of workshops, the intent is really implied in each one. Conferences, like meetings academia can be blown off as isolated, privileged, or predicated on ‘the elite’. But at their best they are an exchange of ideas where presenters and audience leave having learned something, grown, and built community. And that is what it looks like the focus of Momentum is.

So these are the workshops I am most looking forward to:

New Media Roundtable – Tips and Tools for Social Change

While I am always a little apprehensive to call internet ‘work’ actual activist work (funny  I know) I think these tools do start the conversation going. I hope the panel will help ungrumpify my idea of what is possible with the tools of social media

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Looking at Female Masturbation Past and Present

Women pleasuring themselves for themselves (w/o any care for an ‘audience’ is still not just a taboo, but something our society actively ignores. Because female sexuality is always centered around pleasing the other, I think this workshop will teach me a thing or two about a history I never got growing up.

I am still deciding between these two sessions (the great split between self-care, and the care of those things I work on):

The Feminist Connection

The focus of this workshop is building healthy feminist relationships. Romantically, friendly, familial, and all of those other bonds we have with humans. With there being so few models for building healthy relationships, this is really exciting. Half of building a good relationship (in my mind) is modeling what relationships work best for you –sharing tips and tricks, I expect to learn a lot here.

Podcasting — What’s in It for Me: Marketing, Mojo and Monetization

Another selfish choice, as I find new listeners I find myself nervously self promoting, I hope some of these awesome presenters self confidence rubs off on me 🙂

Be sure to check out the schedule ( ) and the list of presenters ( ) then buy your tickets to support this awesome event.

And if you go, look for the gal with a firey sleeve tattoo and nautili on her chest.

Also, new episodes are in the works, I’ll be talking about conferences, speak outs, and catching up on what has happened in and to feminism since the last episode.

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