I watched a movie recently with my children that surprised me because of the great feminist character in the film. The movie is named, “Raya and the Last Dragon.” “Raya and the Last Dragon” is a Disney movie. It is a CGI movie with great cinematic scope.

“Raya and the Last Dragon” is about a girl who is named Raya. Raya is a child of the world that is named Kumandra. In the world of Kumandra there are five clans. Raya is the daughter of a clan leader from the clan that is named, “Heart.” The people of “Heart” protect a sacred gem. The sacred gem is filled with power. The gem stops the evil “Druun” creatures. The “Druun” creatures are evil beings that turn people into stone.

Raya’s father is a hopeful man. He wants peace throughout Kumandra. He invites different members of the five distinct clans together. Raya’s father does not know that the distinct clans simply covet the sacred gem that the “Heart” clan holds dear to them.

Raya meets a girl at The Summit. The girl is named Namaari. It seems like Raya and Namaari have many things in common. However, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to Naamari.

Naamari is deceitful. Namaari pretends to be Raya’s friend. This false friendship convinces Raya to show Namaari the location of the sacred gem. Once Namaari spies the gem she shoots a flare into the sky to call her clan members to the location of the gem. Many different clan members from The Summit follow the flare to the location of the gem. Suddenly, the gem breaks into five different pieces…. and the sacred gem that the clan members covet is available to them.

The clan members rush forward to steal the pieces of the gem.

All seems lost. However, Raya keeps moving forward. She spends six years trying to find an important key that will help to fix the problems that are in front of her.

Raya is not perfect…. but Raya is not weak. She is truly a strong female role-model because she continues onward despite the mistakes that she made. She does not run from what happened. She moves forward. She strives to do what is right no matter what happens to her.

Women should strive to be like Raya in this way. Sometimes it may seem like you have to be perfect. Sometimes it feels like you have to do it all. However, women don’t have to be that way. You can make mistakes. And all you have to do is to try again.

I suggest that you bring your children (and especially your daughters) to the movie theaters to watch this movie. Raya may not be the role-model you expect…. but she may be the role-model you may need to show you that errors can be fixed…. and being perfect isn’t everything.

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