There are some who say that feminism is outdated and should stop. This statement is definitely true because women are beginning to learn that all their demands is about themselves and not fairness or equality. Equality has been there already, and now the feminist demands is about making the world give them everything they want to make their life easier because of the misconceptions that men have an easier life.

Basic truth

The truth is, both genders are facing the exact same issues in the work force, in getting highly paid job to feed their family. Everyone wants to have an easy and rewarding life. It is actually easier for women than for men. For example, men are easily thought of to be the emotionless human being, strong and all capable. But just as the truth is told, men are also fighting their emotions in order to get a hold of themselves to improve their finance. Everyone is going to look at men and shame them if they do not acquire the wealth they are expected to have – the pressure is real. As for women, we are not expected to be wealthy, but if we are, it just looks good on us – it doesn’t change anything on how others will perceive us. It will only change our life and so we can be proud of ourselves. It is all about us, whereas for men, it is all about family.

Feminist Movements

Feminism cannot be a movement that pits women against each other, as everyone knows that when a group of people is united, they get stronger – be it for the right or for the wrong reason.

The first wave of feminism began in North America. Women in North America had the freedom to go to school earlier than women in Europe, and once educated, they began to question the social norms of their society. These first activists traveled the continent to fight for the end of slavery and other forms of oppression. They also organised the ‘First Women’s Rights Convention’ in 1848 and continued the campaign to improve the social position of all women.

Despite the fact that some people agree that feminism is needed, more men and women say that it does more harm than good. A quarter of men and women in Europe say feminism has led to a loss of masculinity. Men, on the other hand, are more likely to agree with such statements, although masculinity is not of mens’ concern. Men concern is about the imbalanced and women thinking that men are their enemy when the truth is feminists just want things to be easier for them.

Although women’s rights have improved, women still face many challenges. One of the biggest challenges is sexual harassment in the workplace. While on the other hand, men are facing stress with work and family. The issues may be different, but we cannot ignore the facts that both are facing challenges at work and life at general.

Notions of Feminism

Another important issue for feminists is the notion of moral superiority. The notion that women are superior to men in many ways is based on an assumption that women are less aggressive. In fact, women are as aggressive as men and they are not superior to men or vice versa – we are both humans. Most men are not worried if women are as aggressive as them or which gender is superior.

In sexual advancement, feminists might feel pressured to take over the initiative. Yet, most women don’t want to give up control of their own body. Women still want to be married and have children. They don’t want to have sex for free. Some feminists are even compelled to remove these roles from men. Some still practice female modesty in the interest of women, although it is rarely acknowledged as such. An example of practising female modesty, is by following the teaching of Islam where women wears hijab to minimize and show that they have strong modesty.

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